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Two Questions– How to remove a rusted bolt? and What kind of battery do i need for Craftsman LT1000?

DerekD asked:

I have two lawn tractors. A John Deere zero-turn mower and an old Craftsman lawn tractor. We use the craftsman for yardwork..(pulling carts..etc). We keep our John Deere in the shed and the Craftsman is covered on the outside of the shed.
After the winter, I went to remove the battery(I already new it was bad) and it was all extremely corroded and rusted to the battery wires. I could remove the neg. side but not the pos. side.
I did manage to remove the battery(the bolt and nut are rusted so badly together that i twisted the bolt through the battery connector)

How can i get the bolt undone??

I have a 280 cranking amps battery in the craftsman currently.
This wasn't its original battery and i do not remember the orginal battery crank. amps or volt.

How do I know what the correct Battery type should be???
The bolt are also really stripped from trying to remove them using brute force

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